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In the extension of Vodice, south-east towards Jadrija, is located a colorful tourist village

Srima was formed in the Middle Ages, but before Turkish aggression, residents of Srima find security on the neighboring island of Prvić.

There they form the village of Šepurine. By pulling the Turks, at the end of the 17th century, the inhabitants are gradually returning to the land, fertile Srimas fields.

Near the town, on the site Srimska pool, have been found valuable archaeological finds of early Christian basilica from the 6th century. The location is accessible to visitors, and the basilica walls are raised to a height of about half a meter to be noticeable.

The intensive housing construction of the recent era, driven by the development of tourism, wiped the boundaries between Vodice and Srima. Along the coast, in several rows of quality family houses, there are numerous rooms and suites for domestic and foreign tourists. Camping lovers can choose between several campers.


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